Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Makes Netflix History With The Adam Project

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Ryan Reynolds recently made Netflix history thanks to the success of his latest Netflix movie release, The Adam Project. Within the first three weeks of its release, the sci-fi film about a time-travelling fighter pilot who crash-lands in 2022 and teams up with his 12-year-old self for a mission to save the future, climbed into the the top 10 most popular English-language Netflix Original movies.

The Adam Project Netflix
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Credit: Netflix
The Adam Project Netflix

The film ranks #7 in the list of 10 most popular English-language Netflix Original movies, and could still go up. Thanks to this achievement, Ryan Reynolds has become the only actor with three movies on the to 10 Netflix charts, as Hollywood Reporter pointed out. The other two are Red Notice (#1) and 6 Underground (#9). Two sequels are currently in the works for Red Notice.

Before the Deadpool star reached the top 10, he was tied with Sandra Bullock, whose original Netflix films in the top 10 list include The Unforgivable and Bird Box.

Shawn Levy, the director of The Adam Project, also broke a Netflix record, becoming the only producer-director with a movie on the most popular film list and a show on the most popular English TV list. Levy is known for serving as producer for Stranger Things and has an exclusive TV deal with the streaming giant.

Reynolds and Levy have also teamed-up a few times between Netflix's The Adam Project, Disney's Free Guy, and the upcoming Deadpool movie, which Levy is set to helm.

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Currently, The Adam Project is the #3 in Netflix's daily global movie charts, only topped by the new comedy film The Bubble (#1) and the Argentinian film All Hail (#2).

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