Ryan Reynolds in Talks to Star in Netflix's Live-Action Dragon's Lair Movie

It looks like Ryan Reynolds isn't done with video game adaptations. We already know that he is set to return in a future Pokemon: Detective Pikachu sequel and Free Guy is essentially a video game movie not based on an existing video game property but Netflix has him lined up for something else. Netflix has announced that they will be adapting Don Bluth's arcade game Dragon's Lair into a live-action movie and Reynolds is in talks to star in it.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news about the Don Bluth video game coming to live-action, which is pretty huge. Most of us expected them to just make a full-blown 2D animation movie since the original game is basically an animated short with quick-time events. No joke, that is literally how it was designed and the lack of online guides made it one hell of a quarter muncher.

Getting Reynolds would give this movie a huge boost since the actor has been on quite the roll. The first two Deadpool movies broke the bank for the R-Rated market and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu proved that good video game film adaptations exist. He was also in that one Michael Bay action movie that was made for Netflix but that's a small blemish in Reynolds' resume.

Personally, I would have loved to see a 2D Dragon's Lair movie animated in the style of older Don Bluth movies but that can't be helped. Let's hope that this is good. No release date has been revealed.

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