30 Mar 2020 10:57 AM +00:00 UTC

Arrow Series Wouldn't Have Existed Without the Green Lantern Movie

The CW's Arrow launched the network's Arrowverse when the show made its debut in back in 2012. It created a shared universe with other iconic DC characters such as The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, and the Legends of Tomorrow. However, Arrow wouldn't even have existed without the 2011 movie, Green Lantern.

In a recent interview with Fake Nerd Podcast, showrunner Marc Guggenheim talked about the inclusion of the film in the Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. "Oh, that was my decision," he said, pertaining to the cameo. "I was like, 'I've got to get Green Lantern in there somewhere.'"


"There's only one Green Lantern movie, so it just seemed obvious to me to do that," Guggenheim added. "I just had to, because Greg Berlanti and I, we co-wrote the movie, for better or for worse." He then pointed out that the experience of doing the film was a "huge connective tissue" with Arrow.

"We wouldn't have done Arrow but for Green Lantern," he revealed. "And we almost didn't do Arrow because of Green Lantern. So, it looms large, and it tickled me. It made me happy."

Green Lantern was released a year before Arrow's first season kicked off. The movie starred Ryan Reynolds as the titular character. The 2011 film underperformed at the box office and had no sequel. Still, it had a huge influence on Arrow and the show basically owes it's existence to the movie.

Arrow Season 8 is available on The CW website and Crisis on Infinite Earths will re-air starting April 7.

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