Ryan Reynolds has a Secret Second Role in Deadpool 2


It's no secret that Ryan Reynolds is just as involved behind the scenes as compared to being in front of the camera for Deadpool 2. As it turns out, he's playing more than just one role in the movie. If you don't count the Reynolds that was killed before he could star in Green Lantern, Reynolds also provided the voice for: Juggernaut.

This was revealed by Polygon that Reynolds was the voice behind Professor X's invulnerable half-brother. Though X-Men: The Last Stand gave us a Juggernaut with fake muscles, Deadpool 2's version was more comic-accurate and was as gigantic as everyone remembers him to be.

In the film, after he's left by Deadpool, Firefist (Julian Dennison) seeks solace in another mutant, who turns out to be Cain Marko a.k.a. Juggernaut. Though the character doesn't really talk much in the film, he still has some great interaction with Deadpool, and we also see him clash with X-Man Collossus—just like in the cartoon!

As for the future of Juggernaut in the franchise, there's a good chance that we'll be seeing him in some sequels. Deadpool 2 co-writer Rhett Reese tells Polygon:

"He's not dead at the end of the movie, so we could certainly bring him back ... We had fun with that and we'd love to see Juggernaut back."

With the first movie bringing to us a comic-accurate version of Colossus, it's amazing that Deadpool 2 would give us another accurate version of a fan favorite. What's more, this Juggernaut even seemingly confirms his relationship with Professor X. Take that, original X-Men timeline!

Deadpool 2 is now out in theaters.

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