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Ryan Reynolds Admits Green Lantern Failure Left Him Worried About Deadpool Portrayal

Credit: Fox

I think we can all agree that Ryan Reynolds has been synonymous with the Deadpool character and it's hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of the Merc with a Mouth other than him. But long before he was breaking the fourth wall over at the Marvel universe, Reynolds infamously portrayed the iconic DC character Green Lantern in the 2011 film which left a bad taste in the mouths of fans and critics.

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Credit: Fox

Now, some of you may not remember but Ryan already played Deadpool in the FoxVerse before the character was "rebooted" for his first standalone outing in 2016. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds played a bizarre take on the anti-hero and simply put, it left nothing to be desired. Thankfully, Fox gave him a proper shot at the role and he's never looked back since.

As brash and confident as Reynolds appears to be on screen, he admits that the failure of his first few outings in superhero films made him anxious about how people would respond to his portrayal of Wade Wilson. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the Canadian actor recalls feeling worried about letting comic book fans down again with his performance as the fan-favorite character.

He explains: "I'd been in the comic book arena before, to no real success. And I thought, 'Wow, if this doesn't work, I'm gonna let people down.' And that was my biggest fear, was just letting folks down who loved this character."

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Well, it's safe to assume that Reynolds has done pretty well for himself after experiencing a couple of comic book film setbacks, and with two successful Deadpool films under his belt plus an upcoming sequel produced by Marvel Studios, his previous misfires have already been overshadowed.

Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3 is currently in development.

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