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Marvel Shockingly Reveals that Deadpool is Pregnant

Credit: Fox

There's no denying that Deadpool is one of Marvel's best creations and the character's R-rated and fourth-wall-breaking nature allows a ton of creative possibilities both the comics and films could explore. Now, with a lot of hype surrounding the Merc with a Mouth's anticipated arrival to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Deadpool 3, Marvel Comics is also pulling maximum effort to keep up Wade Wilson's momentum.

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Credit: Fox

Now, if you thought the whole Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe storyline was Wade Wilson at his peak of absurdity, the upcoming Deadpool comic series by Alyssa Wong and Martin Coccolo takes things up a notch. Turns out that Wade Wilson will become pregnant in the upcoming series which is said to be "loaded with riotous violence and relentless body horror".

The bizarre state of affairs is is teased in the passage (via ScreenGeek): "The world knows Wade Wilson is one of the top mercenary/assassins in the Marvel Universe, even if he is simultaneously the most annoying one… but he’s pushing to make that recognition official as he auditions for the elite group known as the Atelier. Now, he has 48 hours to kill one of the world’s most famous supervillains. Only problem? He’s been kidnapped, and something… strange… is GROWING INSIDE HIM."

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We've yet to learn how Wade Wilson's shocking pregnancy happened but one thing's for certain, it's going to be mega chaotic. It would be funny if Ryan Reynolds actually references it in the upcoming third Deadpool film.

Marvel's new Deadpool comic series will begin hitting stores in November. Meanwhile, Deadpool 3 is currently in development.

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