Ryan Reynolds Addresses Teen Titans GO's Jab at Deadpool being a Ripoff of Deathstroke

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The latest trailer for the Teen Titans GO movie took a jab at Deadpool and how he was an actual ripoff of DC character Deathstroke, and DP star Ryan Reynolds did not take this sitting down. Forever equipped with a great sense of humor, Reynolds decided to fire back at the movie online.

Reynolds commented on the movie (via ScreenRant):

Though some fans may take offense at Deadpool being a ripoff, the similarities don't lie. Both Deadpool and Deathstroke have their name starting with ‘Death'—and one can even say that swimming techniques in a pool are called ‘srokes' (i.e., backstroke, butterfly stroke). Rob Liefeld didn't even try too hard with the alias; from Slade Wilson to Wade Wilson.


It is, without a doubt, however, that Deadpool has grown to be the more popular character. Sure everyone loves the deadly katana-wielding assassin, but an assassin that can tell jokes and break the fourth wall? That's a comic book icon right there.

Everyone is mostly gearing up for the release of Deadpool 2 this coming May 18, but let's not forget that Teen Titans GO to the Movies will be coming out two months later on July 27.

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