Ryan Potter’s Morbid Explanation on How His Beast Boy could Beat Iron Fist

The ‘Which hero would win?' debate is something that's always expected in the superhero fanbase, and just recently Titans star Ryan Potter gives his two cents on who would win against a fight, Beast Boy or Iron Fist?

Potter had decided to participate in a fan poll that pitted Beast Boy against Iron Fist, to which he asked how ‘goldy locks' could go against him. Someone rebuffed with, "Iron Fist fought a dragon," to which Potter replied, "I will drop into that man as a single cell organism and them turn into a damn hippopotamus. It's a wrap."

Like I said, the answer is pretty morbid, but it could be a hint as to the tone we can expect from the Titans show when it comes out in October. In a universe where Robin would say, "F*ck Batman," something like Beast Boy invading someone's body and blowing it up from the inside sounds like something that could happen in that universe.

Of course, this could all just be said in jest. No one should take these fan polls too seriously. It's all just good fun.

Iron Fist 2 is set to come out on Netflix this coming Sept. 7, but we'll have to wait a bit longer for Titans which is slated for an Oct. 12 premiere.

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