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Ryan Gosling Hopeful the Russo Brothers Can Help Him Land MCU Role

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Ryan Gosling is making headlines as of late after revealing that he has his sights set on playing Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Previously, the Barbie actor was heavily rumored to be in talks with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige but the actor never confirmed anything.

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At one point, Gosling was also rumored to be the studio's top pick to play beloved cosmic hero Nova in the billion-dollar franchise but just like that Feige rumor, it remains unconfirmed to this day.

Now, considering he worked with the Russo Brothers for his new project The Gray Man opposite Captain America actor Chris Evans, one would assume that Gosling's foot is already on the door and it's only a matter of time before he lands a major role in the MCU.

Well, admittedly, the 41-year-old Canadian star is hopeful that Joe and Anthony Russo will be able to "manifest" his long-awaited MCU casting. Speaking with Extra, Gosling said: "I think they felt my Kenergy… They must have felt it before I did… I hope they can manifest this MCU thing… I think that would be cool."

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Gosling would have been a major casting for the MCU a decade ago but that's not to say that time has run out for him. I personally like the idea of him playing Johnny Blaze but seeing as the fandom is divided with the idea, there are still loads of characters he could play in the billion-dollar franchise.

Heck, I wouldn't even mind seeing him take on a mutant role now that the X-Men are set to arrive in the MCU.

The Gray Man is streaming on Netflix beginning July 15th.

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