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Ryan Gosling Finally Addresses MCU Nova Casting Reports

The Gray Man
Credit: Netflix

It's crazy to believe that Ryan Gosling has yet to make an appearance in a superhero film, especially considering the actor has long been on comic book fans' radar. Well, this may come as a new bit of information to some but it was previously reported that the star of Netflix's upcoming action film The Gray Man had negotiations with Marvel Studios.

The Gray Man
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Credit: Netflix

Details about his alleged meeting with Kevin Feige have remained scarce but a lot of fans believe he'd be the perfect fit to play Nova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even tipsters claim that Gosling is actually playing the cosmic hero in the franchise. Now, the 41-year-old star is finally breaking his silence regarding all the speculation surrounding his potential MCU casting.

The actor recently did an interview with MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz who revealed on Twitter some juicy tidbits about Gosling's possible Marvel career. As it turns out, there's zero truth to all the rumors claiming he's been cast as Nova but he did admit that he'd like to play Ghost Rider given the opportunity.

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I honestly don't see Gosling being a good fit for the Nova character but him playing Johnny Blaze in the billion-dollar franchise is an idea I wouldn't mind coming to fruition. While it's still a little too early to tell whether or not he'll actually appear in an MCU project, there's no denying that Gosling's foot is already on the door especially now that he's had the chance to work with the Russo Brothers.

The Gray Man hits Netflix on July 15, 2022.

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