21 Sep 2021 10:22 AM +00:00 UTC

Russo Brothers React to Loki's Infinity Stones Plot Twist

There is little doubt that the entire Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe revolved around the Infinity Stones. However, Loki pretty much confirmed that those gems weren't exactly worth all that trouble. The revelation was understandably shocking for viewers and even the Russo brothers had a hilarious reaction to the plot twist.

In Loki, it was revealed that the Time Variance Authority (TVA) has the Infinity Stones. In fact, they have a lot of Infinity Stones, so many that Casey actually uses them as paperweights.

It's a jaw-dropping revelation considering that the Avengers had a hard time collecting these gems just to save the world. Needless to say, the Russos had their mind blown after they saw what happened in Loki and they have posted a hilarious TikTok video to express how they truly feel about the bombshell. Check it out here.

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The Russo brothers are not the only ones who got clowned by Loki. Fans who had been following the MCU from the start know exactly how they felt but it's also liberating to know that we can all move on from Phase 3.


But will Joe and Anthony Russo direct another MCU project? For now, they haven't been confirmed to work on another film. However, there were also reports suggesting that the directors are no longer interested in being connected to Disney after what happened with Black Widow and Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

All episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+.

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