Russo Brothers Confirm Stormbreaker Could Have Killed Thanos In Avengers: Infinity War

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People are probably still wondering if Thor could have defeated Thanos if he had only "aimed for the head" in that pivotal Avengers: Infinity War scene. Interestingly, Joe and Anthony Russo have confirmed just how powerful Stormbreaker could be.

The Russo brothers recently spoke to Collider after a special screening of Infinity War. The Avengers 4 directors were asked a popular fan question on whether Stormbreaker is more powerful than Thor's previous hammer Mjolnir. The Russos revealed that Stormbreaker was certainly enough to stop Thanos from snapping his fingers.

"It certainly has the ability to counteract the Infinity Gauntlet," Joe said.
Anthony added, "I think that key moment, though, is that Thanos was caught off guard. He literally just didn't know the power of what was coming at him. I mean, maybe he could have used the Stones in a different way had he understood what that weapon was, but it came out of nowhere."

Although they didn't confirm whether Stormbreaker was actually powerful enough to kill Thanos, there is little doubt that the hammer did a great job at harnessing Thor's powers to defeat the Outriders attacking Wakanda. We're still unsure if Stormbreaker is actually more powerful than Mjolnir. Perhaps we'll find out when Thor returns in Avengers 4.


Stormbreaker's introduction in Infinity War was certainly a surprise in the film. After all, the hammer is actually wielded by Beta Ray Bill in the comic books. The Russo brothers also admitted that they tried to find a way to include the Korbinite in the sequel but couldn't find a good fit for the character in the current storyline.

Expect to see more of Stormbreaker when Avengers 4 premieres on May 3, 2019.

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