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Russell Crowe Almost Played a Different Character in Thor: Love and Thunder

One of the highlights of Thor: Love and Thunder is Russell Crowe's performance as Zeus. His take on the character was hilarious yet menacing which is why he easily stood out in the little moments that he appeared in the film. However, as it turns out, the Oscar-winning actor was supposed to play a very different character in the film.

Concept artist Miles Teves posted on his Instagram a series of concept arts that he made for Thor: Love and Thunder which reveals that Crowe was originally going to play Satan in the film. However, he didn't provide the details regarding how the character would have played into the story nor why the actor's role was eventually changed.

"I was told by the good folks at Odd Studio down in Australia who commissioned this art that Russell Crowe might be having a comedic cameo as Satan in the new Thor: Love & Thunder," Teves wrote in the caption of the first artwork that he posted. "It didn't work out that way. Hopefully it wasn't because he saw my drawings. Though I'd understand."

In the second artwork which depicts Satan sprawling across the coach, Teves wrote, "The folks at Odd Studio told me to depict him at his current weight due to his character being humorously debauched. Naturally I would have modelled for this drawing myself were my current physique not so rippling and sveldt."

Teves also shared a version of the artwork that doesn't have Crowe's likeness which he drew after learning that the award-winning actor will not play the character anymore. "I was asked to just draw a great, reclining, Devil costume/makeup without his likeness or bulk. This is what came out," he wrote. "I'm not quite sure why he has such a scorching case of herpes. Perhaps he enjoys the agony? The madness of the whole Covid 19 thing had begun at this point and my mind was in a state."

It is interesting to learn that Crowe almost played the character of Satan in the film which would have been way different from the one that he ended up playing. It's also hard to imagine what kind of involvement the character would have in the story if they end up going in that direction since he is the complete opposite of Zeus.

Nevertheless, it's a relief that Crowe ended up playing Zeus since he was fantastic in that role and made him such a memorable presence in the film despite the shorter screentime. It's also interesting to see whether Marvel will revisit the character of Satan again in the future.

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Thor: Love and Thunder is now showing in theaters everywhere.

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