Ruri Dragon Is Coming Back from Hiatus Next Month

ruri dragon return
Credit: Masaoki Shindou / Shueisha / Viz Media

ruri dragon return
Credit: Masaoki Shindou / Shueisha / Viz Media

Ruri Dragon is a fun manga about a young girl who finds out she's a half-dragon and deals with complications she had never imagined. The manga went on hiatus for over a year, but finally, Ruri Dragon is set to return in March. Here are all the details about the Ruri Dragon manga's return.

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What Is Ruri Dragon About?

About Ruri Dragon
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Credit: Masaoki Shindou / Shueisha / Viz Media

Ruri Dragon is a modern shonen manga with a supernatural premise that's written and illustrated by Masaoki Shindou.

The manga follows Ruri Aoki, a regular high school girl who one day wakes up with horns on her head!

Thankfully for her, this isn't Chainsaw Man, where the implications would be much worse

A shocked Ruri goes to her mother for help, only to learn that she's a half-dragon.

Ruri is unimpressed and not quite sure what she wants to do with this information. Eventually, she decides to simply go to school as normal.

Once there, however, she finds people's reactions to her change, as everyone wants to touch her horns or take selfies with her.

Ruri realizes that being a half-dragon is pure chaos, but not for the reasons she thought.

The manga became a Shonen Jump hit, but unfortunately, it only has six chapters and a single volume so far.

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Ruri Dragon Confirms Shonen Jump Return in March 2024

Ruri Dragon Creator Confirms Shonen Jump Return in March
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Credit: Masaoki Shindou / Shueisha / Viz Media

In August 2022, Ruri Dragon went on a hiatus because its creator, Masaoki Shindou, was facing health problems.

In the announcement, the Shonen Jump team committed to doing their best to bring back Ruri's daily life.

Finally, after over a year since the manga went on hiatus, creator Masaoki Shindou's official X account announced that Ruri Dragon will resume serialization on March 4.

The manga is scheduled to be serialized for five chapters in Weekly Shonen Jump.

But beginning April 22, it will transition to a bi-weekly release on Shonen Jump+ and the digital edition of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Moreover, the frequency of new chapter releases will be adjusted, with a new chapter releasing every other issue.

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