Is Ruri Dragon Still on Hiatus? Return Date Predictions

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Is Ruri Dragon Still on Hiatus
Credit: Masaoki Shindo / Shueisha / Viz Media
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Ruri Dragon is a fun manga about a young girl who finds out she's a half-dragon and deals with complications she had never imagined. But is Ruri Dragon still on hiatus? Here are our predictions about its return date.

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What Is Ruri Dragon All About?

About Ruri Dragon
Credit: Masaoki Shindo / Shueisha / Viz Media

Ruri Dragon is a modern shonen manga with a supernatural premise that's written and illustrated by Masaoki Shindo. The manga follows Ruri Aoki, a regular high school girl who one day wakes up with horns on her head!

Thankfully for her, this isn't Chainsaw Man, where the implications would be much worse.

A shocked Ruri goes to her mother for help only to learn that she's a half-dragon.

Ruri is unimpressed and not quite sure what she wants to do with this information. Eventually, she decides to simply go to school as normal.


Once there, however, she finds people's reactions to her change, as everyone wants to touch her horns or take selfies with her.

Ruri realizes that being a half-dragon is pure chaos, but not for the reasons she thought.

The manga became a Shonen Jump hit, but, unfortunately, it only has six chapters and a single volume so far.

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Is Ruri Dragon Canceled or on Hiatus?

Is Ruri Dragon Still on Hiatus or Canceled
Credit: Masaoki Shindo / Shueisha / Viz Media

Ruri Dragon is still on hiatus with no official return date. There is, however, some hope for the comedy manga because no cancellation has been announced either.

In August 2022, Ruri Dragon went on an indefinite hiatus because its creator, Masaoki Shindo, was facing health problems.

Shonen Jump shared the news about the hiatus with an official announcement, apologizing and thanking the fans for expressing their interest in Ruri Dragon.

In the announcement, the Shonen Jump team committed to doing their best to bring back Ruri's daily life.

So far, there is no indication that Ruri Dragon is returning in 2023. Normally, we would expect an announcement at least a couple of months in advance, so we'd be surprised if the manga returned before mid-2023 at the earliest.

However, not all hope is lost, as many manga series take breaks for a variety of reasons.


Even the Chainsaw Man manga, which is incredibly popular, took a break of almost two years between its first and second parts.

Of course, if there are any announcements about Ruri Dragon's return, we'll update this space with new information.

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