Rumor: Star Wars Fallen Order will Not Have Multiplayer

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Star Wars: The Force Unleased had just celebrated its tenth anniversary, now the rumor is coming out that the upcoming game from Respawn Entertainment, Star Wars: Fallen Order is said to be the spiritual successor of TFU. It's also worth mentioning that the game will not have any multiplayer options.

According to Overclock 3D (via Star Wars News Net), EA is not going to force a multiplayer element to Fallen Order, meaning that we could look forward to a well-rounded (possibly open-world) story mode. So far, the only multiplayer game in the roster will be Star Wars Battlefront II.

It's said that Fallen Order is aiming to be a toned down version of The Force Unleashed; meaning that the characters in the game will not have the over-the-top powers that Galen Marek had. In TFU, Marek had the ability to pull Star Destroyers out of the air with just the Force, but seeing that Fallen Order is going to be focused on a Jedi padawan after Order 66, it would make sense that the skillset would be a bit toned down.

After the fiasco that was the release of BF2, it would make sense that EA would want to look back at some old games and try to apply their formula to future ones. The Force Unleashed ended up being one of the best-selling Star Wars games ever made, and the franchise is primed for a new platformer.


Hopefully, we get some more solid updates as the year trudges along.

No release date or consoles have been announced for Star Wars: Fallen Order.

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