Rosario Dawson Confirms What Star Wars Fans Suspected About Ahsoka Series

The MandoVerse has been an absolute joy to watch, especially for fans of the Star Wars animated universe as it allowed some of their favorite characters to finally crossover to live-action.

The franchise's next streaming offering, Ahsoka will mark the arrival of characters fans have been dying to see get that live-action treatment. Although Lucasfilm has kept mum about the show's connection to the animated universe, folks have been speculating that Ahsoka will actually serve as Season 5 of Star Wars Rebels.

Now, it looks like fans were right all along and the show's lead star Rosario Dawson pretty much confirmed that her standalone series will in fact be the fifth season of the beloved animated show.

Ahsoka Will Serve as Fifth Season of Star Wars Rebels, Rosario Dawson Confirms

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Speaking with Total Film (via SFF Gazette), Dawson finally put an end to all the speculation by confirming the show's true connection to the beloved animated series which originally ran from October 2014 to March 2018.

According to the actress, showrunner Dave Filoni himself confirmed that Ahsoka will basically serve as Season 5 of Star Wars Rebels. She shared: "I’m pretty sure Dave said that this is basically like the fifth season of Rebels. So it felt nice to feel that sort of continuation with these people she’s got such a rich history with."

Rosario added: "You can see that with her mission that she has, going after Thrawn, and believing that he’s still alive, and holding Ezra in her heart because they have a really beautiful, long history as well."

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The involvement of the Ghost Crew alone was already a dead giveaway that Ahsoka will somehow pick up where Star Wars Rebels left off. Naturally, some fans are concerned that it might sideline Ahsoka Tano similar to what happened with Din Djarin in The Mandalorian Season 3 but we have complete faith in Filoni that he won't let it happen.

Ahsoka will hit Disney+ on August 23rd.

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