Rogue Squadron: Patty Jenkins Excited to Usher in New Era for Star Wars

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Patty Jenkins is set to usher in a brand new era for the entire Star Wars franchise with her upcoming film Rogue Squadron. We know very little about the project but according to reports, the film will revolve around a group of Rebel Alliance pilots potentially set after the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story leading up to the original trilogy. By no means is Jenkins a rookie in the world of filmmaking but her jumping ship from the DC universe to the Star Wars franchise means that she's set to take on unfamiliar territory.

Despite that, the director of the Wonder Woman film franchise is excited about her future Lucasfilm project. In an interview with Associated Press, Jenkins explained what it means for her to helm Rogue Squadron and honor the books the film is drawing inspiration from. Patty said: "I'm in love with all three projects on my plate right now. I'm definitely doing Rogue Squadron next and I'm excited to do Wonder Woman 3. The Michael Stackpole books and the video games and all of the Rogue Squadron books, there's an incredible history that's really important to honor."

She added: "And yet, it must be brought to a new age, because we have to tell a new story with it and so you're trying to blend the best of everything and make it the great fighter-pilot movie, which I've always wanted to make, as well. It's a big brew of things that you're trying to put together and still try to keep a simple story."

There's no denying that a lot of people have lost their confidence in Jenkins after Wonder Woman 1984 failed to live up to the hype. It's unfair to put the blame on her because Warner Bros. meddling with her actual vision affected the project altogether, resulting in it being a colossal critical flop. Hopefully, Lucasfilm gives her all the creative freedom in the world to tell her own version of a Star Wars story.

Rogue Squadron is under development.

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