Rogue Squadron: Lucasfilm Reportedly Loses Faith in Patty Jenkins After Wonder Woman 1984 Flop

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Credit: Lucasfilm

A lot of fans were thrilled to learn that Lucasfilm is working on a new Star Wars film titled Rogue Squadron. The upcoming project will mark the Star Wars arrival of DC Extended Universe director Patty Jenkins who recently worked on the uber divisive Wonder Woman 1984.


However, Jenkins' position in the film may be in peril, and according to a new rumor, it has something to do with the mixed reviews WW1984 has been getting. Insider Daniel Richtman reports on his Patreon account that Lucasfilm may be losing faith in the director following the DC film's failure to please fans and critics.

It wasn't specified if Jenkins will ultimately lose her directorial role but according to Richtman, the folks over at Lucasfilm will be more "hands-on" with Rogue Squadron and that could mean that Patty won't have complete control over the film's creative direction.

Should all of this be true, it's quite understandable on Lucasfilm's part how they'd feel worried about Jenkins' arrival in the franchise. The Star Wars brand experienced a huge resurgence thanks to Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni's work in The Mandalorian and as much as possible, they would like to ride the wave of momentum. Hopefully, Patty still gets things done her way with little to no meddling from the studio because she's already been dealing with that with Warner Bros. and DC.

Rogue Squadron hits cinemas in 2023.

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