Rogue One Opening Crawl Is Still Out There

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A lot of Star Wars fans were surprised when Rogue One decided to forego tradition and drop the iconic opening crawl from the film. Though Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy tried to reason out that they wanted to give a clear distinction between the spinoff and the rest of the studio's film in the main Star Wars saga, many still don't understand why the crawl really had to be omitted.

However, though the crawl didn't appear in the film, it seems like the Rogue One script originally had an opening crawl to begin with.

Speaking with fans over an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit yesterday, Rogue One director Gareth Edwards revealed that the draft of the crawl is still out there somewhere, and if fans ask screenwriter Gary White nicely enough, he'd probable give in.


"Gary Whitta actually wrote one in the first draft," Edwards said. "You'll have to pester him for it ;) ... I do believe that those opening crawl words are actually floating out there in space somewhere."

While it's understandable why Lucasfilm would want to drop the opening crawl for its spinoff films, the segment is part of the franchise and it's good to know that the original draft of Rogue One had one. Wonder if some fans would take time to pester Whitta enough so he can hand over the crawl to the public.

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