Rogue One Concept Art Shows Off Darth Vader’s Chambers

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One of the best elements of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was its sparing use of Darth Vader, and though fans would have wanted to see more of him, every scene he was in was nothing short of memorable. What's great is, we have some more concept art from Rogue One, and it shows off Vader's bacta tank—the first time we meet him in the film.

Check it out:


While this original concept has a lot more red and orange, I like that the final look they had was more clean and bright. If anything, this concept art kind of resembles the carbon freezing chamber in Empire Strikes Back, and the filmmakers would have probably wanted a better distinction between the two rooms.

We don't know when Vader will make his appearance again officially, but rumor has it that he will be playing a major part in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series. While his ‘Hallway Scene' has become legendary in Rogue One, I think audiences are ready to have Vader come back full force with the magic of modern filmmaking techniques. To quote Krennic, Vader's small cameo was ‘merely an inkling of [his] destructive power.'

Then again, Vader's return is only a rumor. Hopefully, we get some more official confirmation moving forward, as the production start for Obi-Wan draws nearer. Maybe we could get a hint in The Mandalorian Season 2, but that's being optimistic.


Kenobi is expected to come to Disney+ on 2022, but The Mandalorian Season 2 debuts on Disney+ this Oct. 30.

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