Robert Pattinson Criticizes Zoë Kravitz for 'Hating' Twilight Saga

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Regardless of your true feelings about the Twilight saga, you can't take away the fact that Robert Pattinson will forever be synonymous with the franchise and it's something the British actor has been living with for over a decade now. It's quite evident that Pattinson can't seem to escape the shadow of Edward Cullen and it's one of the main reasons why DC fans were initially skeptical of him playing the role of Batman.

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Credit: Summit Entertainment

Thankfully, Pattinson is slowly winning the fans over and the skepticism quickly turned into excitement as The Batman nears its theatrical release. Going back to the Twilight subject, it turns out that his co-star and new Catwoman actress Zoë Kravitz isn't the biggest fan of the movies that pretty much put Robert's name on the map.

In fact, according to her, she never saw the complete trilogy except for that one time her friend asked her to watch the first film with her. The revelation took place during a press junket interview with the actors and it came as a huge surprise to Pattinson.

In the video shared on Twitter via @pattinsonphotos, Kravitz bravely stated that the blockbuster franchise wasn't her cup of tea. Pattinson would then retaliate by telling her that "hating" the Twilight franchise is so outdated. He jokingly said: "It's not even cool to be a hater anymore. That’s so 2010."

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The chemistry between Robert and Zoë just oozes out which is definitely a great thing because judging by the first reactions to The Batman, it looks like the duo will be sharing the DC spotlight for years to come.

The Batman is set to hit cinemas on March 4, 2022.

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