Rob Liefeld Takes Credit for Deadpool Appearing in Bob Iger's Twitter Header

Rob Liefeld has been very vocal about how Marvel Studios isn't planning Deadpool 3 right now, which has enamored some and annoying others. Like him or not, Liefeld is allowed to state his opinions on social media platforms, as long as he isn't being particularly mean or racist, which he has avoided. While this won't get him banned anywhere, Liefeld is now taking credit for the appearance of Deadpool in Bob Iger's Twitter header, which is a bit of a reach.

On Instagram, Liefeld said he was doing "the lord's work" since Iger has a Twitter handle with Deadpool in it. While we all do want Deadpool 3, I doubt that this is anything but Iger wanting to show off all the properties that Disney currently owns. Boy howdy, do they own a lot of properties ever since they bought Fox but I digress.

If Liefeld's various rants in social media will eventually lead to Deadpool 3, we hope that the film itself is good. Ryan Reynolds will definitely bring his A-game since the first two movies did make him a huge star and those films made way more money than most R-Rated media. Granted, the character has always been popular but it's good to know that the mainstream has taken to him well.

You can watch Deadpool and Deadpool 2 on various digital stores now.

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