Riri Williams aka Ironheart Gets Redesign From Iron Man Artist

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Tony Stark is back as the Invincible Iron Man but that doesn't mean this is the end for Riri Williams aka Ironheart. While she will no longer star in the Iron Man comic, Williams will be joining The Champions, which just got a new creative team. Now that some of the team's members have gone through massive changes, it seems appropriate that Ironheart would get an upgrade.

Ironheart's new armor debuted in the cover of Champions #23, first seen in Marvel's August solicitations, and series writer Jim Zub has shared the concept art of said design. Turns out Stefano Caselli designed the armor, which feels appropriate since he just finished his run on Invincible Iron Man, where he drew most of Riri's adventures.

(Marvel Comics/R.B. Silva)


Rocking an interesting new color scheme, it's not yet known why Riri decided to change her look, though we can assume that it's to get out of Stark's red and gold shadow. Whatever the case, if fans want to see this new costume in action they will try and get this issue when it comes out in August.

Williams was written by Brian Michael Bendis for the final time in Iron Man #600, the final Marvel comic of the iconic writer. He is now in DC and is penning the adventures of Superman, starting with the Man of Steel series. Jim Zub has done a solid job of handling Riri in Champions thus far and he should make Bendis and fans of the character proud.

Via Newsarama

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