#RIPChrisPratt Trends After the Actor's Alleged 'Racist' Tweets Resurface

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt is already no stranger to social media hating on him. The Marvel star has been on the receiving end of a massive backlash for quite some time now as fans claim that Pratt is a Donald Trump supporter, a white supremacist, and is anti-LGBTQ+ community.


Now, the actor is once again finding himself in hot water and this time around, people are calling him out for allegedly being racist. It all began when old tweets allegedly posted by Pratt about 9 years ago recently resurfaced and it sees the GOTG actor making some controversial and tasteless jokes about Asians and black people. The authenticity of the first tweet has yet to be proven but the other two tweets are still on Pratt's official Twitter. Check 'em out here:


Naturally, Pratt's detractors found an opening to criticize and spread more hate towards the actor. They even got the hashtag #RIPChrisPratt trending on Twitter and a lot of Marvel fans are calling for him to be removed from the franchise. Yikes. Check out some of the reactions here:


Pratt has never addressed the issues surrounding him but I guess it's time for him to finally come out and clear his name amid the accusations. His reputation is clearly at stake here.

I gotta say though, I think some fans are going a little too overboard with their reactions and I don't think he deserves any of it, especially considering that their claims have yet to be proven. Again, I hope Pratt finally speaks about the allegations because the situation is getting out of hand.

Chris Pratt is currently in Australia to shoot Thor: Love and Thunder.

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