23 Oct 2020 11:03 AM +00:00 UTC

Avengers Star Josh Brolin Drops the F-Bomb on Chris Pratt Following Social Media Backlash

Credit: Marvel Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt has once again been on the receiving end of relentless attacks from social media users after they learned that he didn't participate in Joe Biden's virtual fundraiser which featured some of his Marvel castmates. Pratt's absence from the event infuriated fans who would then lambast Pratt online, even going as far as calling him a white supremacist and a Trump supporter.

A lot of his co-stars, including Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo, have already jumped to his defense and dismissed all the negative hearsay surrounding him. Now, even Thanos himself Josh Brolin is coming to the actor's aid in the midst of all the political controversy and social media mayhem. Taking to Twitter, Brolin addressed the haters and shared just how great of a human being Chris is.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the Deadpool 2 star wrote: "I just found out there is another good person to hate on. Chris Pratt. I met him years ago as he was taking over an apartment I was renting. He was bigger then, and he was really really kind. Then I worked with him. Again, he was truly kind: a stand up dude, negativity always questioned and positivity and honor was typically at the forefront. But, as I was looking around to find someone else to hate on during this rising domestic and global hate hand job that we are learning to give, I heard he was available."

In the end, he jokingly dropped the F-Bomb on Pratt as he awaits the next victim of today's "cancel culture". "So Fuck You, Chris Pratt!!! ❤️❤️? (Next victim step forward!!!!!!)" Pratt has yet to address the issue as of writing. Check out Josh Brolin's post below:

It's truly unfortunate how celebrities and public figures aren't given the freedom to do the things they want to do without being criticized for the smallest of things. What's even crazier is the fact that people easily jump to conclusions without legit evidence and believe everything they read online without verifying the information they acquire. Mad props to Pratt though for keeping his cool and handling the situation like a true champ.

Speaking of, a third Guardians of the Galaxy film is in the works over at Marvel Studios.

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Credit: Marvel Studios