20 Apr 2021 1:57 PM +00:00 UTC

Riot Reveals New VALORANT Map Name With Another Beach Teaser

The sixth VALORANT map is set to release soon, and Riot has officially confirmed the name of it in a new teaser.

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Riot Games has shared another VALORANT teaser today, welcoming players to "paradise" with a tropical beach image.

The image features a serene look at the tropical beach with a nice beach and a nice beach bed set up facing the clear waters and bright blue sky. There seems to be spilled wine glass, and if you look closer, you can spot a Vandal in a wicker basket.

The VALORANT Vietnam Facebook page uploaded a video of the scene, featuring tropical music with bullets being shot in the background. The translation reads: "Let's explore about BREEZE - new map coming soon to VALORANT." This is the first confirmation of the map's name.


We've already seen teasers of a beach map across existing VALORANT maps, with some having the words "visit Breeze" shown on them. Data miners have also unearthed leaked audio with a tropical-style theme. You can check out everything you need to know about the sixth VALORANT map here.

With only six days left before Act 2 Episode 2 concludes, it's likely that Riot will fully reveal details of the Breeze map soon.