09 Apr 2021 4:48 PM +00:00 UTC

Riot Possibly Teases Upcoming VALORANT Carribean Map

When VALORANT brought back the Night Market, players have found some hidden details that suggest that the next new map may be located somewhere in the Carribean.

The Night Maraket banner features a short-hand version of Carribean in the center next to a crossed-out word, and some people on social media think that the crosssed-out word reads "Breeze".

If you look at the corners of the Night Market banner, you can see the coordinates of 25° N and 71°, which is located at the center of the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious region of the Atlantic Ocean north of the Carribean.

Earlier this month, a data miner potentially found a new map in VALORANT's files labeled "Foxtrot". The files revealed the loading music that may potentially be for the unreleased map, which seems to have a tropical island theme.

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Credit: Riot Games

Riot also shared an image of Cypher on the beach from Riot's VALORANT April Fools' Day joke, which many believe may be a hint about the upcoming map.

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Riot hasn't confirmed any of these details, and they haven't officially annnounced any upcoming maps for VALORANT, but the developers previously said that they are planning to release more maps to the game soon.

April 15 Update: We found more leaked details for the sixth VALORANT map here.