Riot Reveals New Snowy Tundra Valorant Map, Icebox For Act III

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Act III of Valorant is coming next week, and Riot has revealed the new map that will debut with it, and it's called Icebox. The map is a frozen tundra that features shipping containers and ziplines, and you can get a first look at the new map in the exciting teaser above.

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Based on what we see in the teaser, it looks like Icebox has several choke points and tight angles, so players will have to tread carefully and check every corner.


Icebox is the fifth map folling Ascent, which was released in the game's official release back in June. Valorant players have been demanding for a new map, and it's finally coming in Act III.

Last week, Riot shared a teaser for Act III, posting the following tweet that features an image with text in various languages:

The community was able to decode the message: "Arabic: Bring a coat Russian (bottom left): Forget Turkish (top): It is Cold Russian (middle): Weapon Turkish (bottom right): over there 3A = 3rd Act?"

Riot hasn't revealed if a new Agent will be released in new Act, but I'm glad that they're adding a new map.

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Valorant Act III will be available on October 13. Watch me stream Valorant on my Facebook page.