Riot Reveals Abilities of Skye, The New Valorant Agent For Act III

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Riot recently revealed the new Valorant Agent arriving for Act III, Skye. The Australian Agent will make her debut two weeks after the Act III update, and today, the company has released a preview video of her abilities to show us how they work.

Check it out below:

Her abilties:

Regrowth - an ability that lets her heal teammates.
Trailblazer - control a Tasmanian tiger to concuss enemies.
Guiding Light - summon a hawk that blinds.
Seekers - summon Seekers to nearsight enemies.

Sky looks like a fun Agent to play. Her healing ability will provide strong support to the team, and her ability to hunt down enemies will be useful, especially on site areas. Her ultimate ability is similar to the orb ability we've seen in Spike Rush mode.

What do you think about Skye and her abilities? Are you excited to use her? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Valorant Act III will be available on October 13. Skye will be added on Oct. 27. Watch me stream Valorant on my Facebook page.