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When is The New VALORANT Agent Coming? Harbor Release Date

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Last week, Riot Games officially revealed our first look at the next VALORANT Agent, Harbor, also known as Agent 21. This is the first official image of the new Agent after months of clues within the game and the teasers that Riot released on VALORANT's official social media pages.

Riot just fully revealed the new Agent, including his Agent name (Harbor), origin, cinematic trailer, and his water manipulation abilities. With Riot ramping up the hype for the next Agent, Harbor is expected to arrive in VALORANT soon, but when exactly? Check out the release date updates for Agent 21 below:

When is Harbor coming to VALORANT?

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Credit: Riot Games

Update: VALORANT Episode 5, Act 3 kicked off today, so Harbor has officially arrived in the game.

VALORANT's next Act update is expected to arrive on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022, so expect the addition of Harbor to the game's Agent roster on that day. This brings Riot's tactical shooter back to its regular schedule of releasing new agents and maps after the developer decided to have Act 2 of Episode 5 feature neither a new agent nor a new map.

Just like with previous Agents, players will need to earn enough XP to unlock Harbor or purchase the tier to unlock him in the game.

VALORANT content creators will have a special gameplay event for Harbor, starting on Oct. 13, so expect to see new gameplay clips featuring the new Agent soon.

Expect the new 2022 Ion weapon skin bundle to be available in VALORANT's in-game store on the same day.

Is there already a trailer for Harbor?

As shown in the tweet above, Riot has already released a teaser for Harbor that confirms his water manipulation abilities.

The trailer for Habor, titled Turn the Tides, was released on Oct. 12. You can watch it here:

On Oct. 13, Riot released the official gameplay reveal video for Harbor, which you can watch below:

You can also check out the official audio for Harbor's theme song, RAJA by ARB4, Tienas, and Mangal Suvarnan.

You can read more details about VALORANT Agent 21 in everything we know about Harbor.

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