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Rick Riordan Shares Discouraging Update About Disney+'s Percy Jackson Series

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Last month, Disney+'s Percy Jackson reboot already began filming, seemingly hinting at a late 2023 release date. However, it looks like the upcoming Disney+ show encountered a massive delay after Rick Riordan officially announced on his website that the series might come out in early 2024.

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In a new blog post titled From Vancouver to Boston and back again, where Riordan documented his travel from Boston to Vancouver, he also penned some updates about the Percy Jackson series.

Riordan first acknowledged the hundreds of people involved in ensuring that they maintain the show's quality. He wrote, "Every day, hundreds of people are involved building sets, overseeing stunts, making props, fixing costumes, doing hair and makeup, running cameras, setting up lights and other environmental effects like smoke and rain, not to mention the important work of hauling people and equipment, keeping everyone fed, safe and healthy, and doing administrative work like payroll, insurance, scheduling, ordering and a million other things. Twelve-hour work days are not uncommon from first crew call in the morning until wrapping at night — and each day might produce just one or two raw scenes for one episode."

He added, "We are on track with our schedule, and everything is going according to plan, though we still have a long way to go before this series is ready. We have sort of, kind of, mostly finished the principal photography for 1o1 (season one/episode one) and have done a good chunk of the filming for 102, but principal photography just gives us the raw puzzle pieces which will then need to be put together with sound track, special effects and editing to yield a finished product. And we still have a lot of filming yet to do to get all those puzzle pieces for the whole season."

Now, the author directly announced that the reboot might face a delayed release date but clarified that this timeline could still change. "It’s probably going to take us through December or into January to film all the episodes of season one, which is roughly one month of filming per episode (eight episodes total), though very often we are filming pieces of 101, 102, or even 103 out of order on any given day, depending on what set we are using. That means post-production will begin in early 2023, when the pieces are fitted together, edited and augmented with all the special effects and sound. This process also takes months and months, and that’s not even accounting for closed-captioning, subtitling and dubbing into other languages for our international viewers. That takes another army of people to accomplish," he said.

The author concluded, "Given all this, I think the most likely air date will probably be early 2024. Again, that’s just me guessing. The actual release dates are determined by the studio and the streaming service, and have to take in hundreds of other factors like the release schedule for all Disney+ shows, timing for publicity, etc., etc."

Unfortunately, the Percy Jackson Disney+ series might get the earliest 2024 release date. Despite the setback, it seems that the whole crew along with Riordan are maintaining the quality of the series this time, making sure that they won't fail again in rebooting the beloved novels Riordan penned.

Stay tuned for more updates about Disney+'s Percy Jackson series.

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