Rick and Morty Season 3 Gets A Nasty Surprise For Its Opening Scene

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The biggest question on Rick and Morty fans' minds right now is probably "Where in the world is season 3," the highly anticipated continuation to the shocking season 2 finale that Justine Roiland and Dan Harmon left everyone with back in 2015.

Though the two series creators promised that Rick and Morty season 3 would see release before the end of 2016, the year's come and gone and there's still no sign on when exactly would the brassy Adult Swim science fiction comedy series return. However, while the release date for the new season still remains a mystery, Adult Swim Australia has just posted the first scene of the new season to keep fans going while they wait. Check it out down here:

While fans expected new footage, it seems like the network cooked up some sort of nasty joke editing in old clips from previous episodes of Rick and Morty together to give fans a weird message saying that they'll never "tell a lie," or that they "never going to hurt you." Most fans feel cheated that the studio would cheat them out of a proper opening like that, especially when it oddly feels like lines for the clip come from a cheesy 80's song more than anything. Rick and Morty's definitely full of sick jokes. Oh well, back to waiting guys.

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