Check Out Which Batman Character Ranked Highest in Tom King's List

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Batman writer Tom King understands the Caped Crusader more than most people. After all, DC Comics gave the fomer CIA operative the reigns to the monthly Batman series after making sure that that King had his Batman knowledge in shape.

Now King's sharing his Batman knowledge to the world, ranking the Bat family by terms of power and strength and prowess in combat. Of course some might fans might disagree, so King goes ahead and gives fans the sign to begin arguing. Check out King's list down here:

Though King may be a Batman writer, it comes as a surprise that he'd write Dick Grayson a notch above his mentor Bruce, the original Batman. Bruce has so much more experience than Dick. King may have been talking into regard Dick's acrobatic ability. It's understandable however how Cassandra Kaine would take on the higher spot – after all the other Batgirl can read body language with such expertise.


To further explain his list, King's made another taking into account the strategic abilities of the different Bat characters.

Which list do you agree with? I think King's ranked them pretty well depending on their strength and tactical abilities. It's a bit sad though that Jason Todd's been outranked by Ace, Bruce's Bat-Hound. Oh well.

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