Rick and Morty Feature in Silly New Wendy’s Ad

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While the Carl's Jr. commercial remains to be a special one for Rick and Morty, the duo have appeared in other ads like ones for Pringles and even games like Death Stranding. Just in, Rick and Morty find themselves running from burgers and shakes in a new promo for Wendy's.

It's funny because it kind of harkens back to the first episode of Rick and Morty where the two end up in a chase in an intergalactic space station.

I have to hand it to these companies getting ads from the Rick and Morty team. Each ad has always been faithful to the humor of the show, and they could very much pass for one of those interdimensional cable snippets.

Speaking of interdimensional cable, the show had just come back last weekend, and the first episode is the obligatory anthology episode that each season has. After two interdimensional cable episodes and Morty's Mind Blowers, the new episode actually does away with the main pairing and just has people on a train narrating their stories connected to Rick. I don't want to spoil anything, but it's a fun twist on the anthology trope that the show has come up with.

After a weak first half of the season, it's great to have the show back. Hopefully it's all uphill from here. With everyone stuck in quarantine, it's really great that we're getting one of the most celebrated shows back on air.

Catch Rick and Morty Sunday nights on Adult Swim.

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