Rick and Morty Fan Theory Suggests Rick is Actually an Old Morty Caught in a Time Loop

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A lot of people are excited for the return of Rick and Morty next month, and with that in mind, a new fan theory has come out that suggests that Rick is actually an older version of Morty that's caught in some kind of time loop.

This was posted on Reddit by u/lukeMGH:

"Rick Sanchez" is a made up name. Rick is actually a full grown Morty and knows he is gonna cease to exist at some poing and his Morty will become a Rick.

At some point, the theory makes sense. Even if you consider that the whole Citadel of Ricks thing to be the plothole, the theory suggests that all the Ricks are in on the deal, and Evil Morty is the one who discovers the truth and attempts to dismantle the system to ‘free' all the other Mortys.

Admittedly a show like Rick and Morty is very detailed and meticulous, and a twist like this is pretty plausible. Personally, I just think that the reveal would kind of make Rick more selfish, seeing as he's merely caring about himself when he's watching out for Morty. I think there's something more meaningful in Rick's bond with his family when he starts to care for something other than himself. I mean, one of the biggest crutches of Rick is that he's an ego-maniac, so having him care for someone else gives his development more relevance.

Of course, these are all just guesses. At this point, I'm pretty sure that Dan Harmon is fully embracing the nihilistic nature of the show. Hopefully we get some more of those cathartic character moments with the second half of Season 4.

Rick and Morty returns to Adult Swim on May 3.

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