Rick and Morty Fans Petition For Szechuan McNugget Sauce; McDonald’s Chef Looking Into Request

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Adult Swim finally gave fans an update on season 3 of Rick and Morty by streaming the season's very first episode on its website on April Fool's day last weekend and aside from causing fans to question the validity of the episode (the ultimate April Fool's joke), the video also caused an uproar online after fans began demanding Mcdonalds to offer its 1998 Szechuan McNugget sauce.

In the closing moments of the episode we get to see Rick go on a rant about how his character arc is driven by McNugget Szechuan sauce which was made available in McDonalds back in 1998 to promote Disney's Mulan.

Somehow the mad genius delirious obsession for the sauce has infected fans of the series who're bringing their cause on Change.org where they're petitioning McDonalds bring back the prized Szechuan sauce back.

The petition now has close to 22,000 supporters – 3,000 votes close to reaching its 25,000 goal. Now, as fans continue to demand for the Mulan Szechuan sauce, it seems like McDonalds may actually be hearing them out.

Mike Harcz, one of McDonald's corporate chefs has been listening to the demands, and his response is that he'll what he can do for everyone who's crazy for the Szechuan sauce.


This demand for Szechuan sauce is great opportunity that Mcdonald's would definitely want to ride on. Not only would they be able to cater to a horde of crazy Rick and Morty fans, the fast-food chain would also be able to conveniently prepare for a tie-in with Disney's upcoming live-action remake of Mulan which is scheduled for release in November next year. Let's wait and see whether McDonalds would really budge.

Rick and Morty returns with its third season this summer.

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