Final Episodes for Rick and Morty Season 4 Get Title Reveals

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With everyone being stuck at home, the debut of the final episodes of Rick and Morty Season 4 in May feel like a long wait. What's great is, the show is trying to keep us hyped, and we have the title reveals for the next episodes of the season.

Check them out:


Like true Rick and Morty fashion, we have titles that are basically bad puns of films with ‘Rick and Morty' forced into them. I'll admit, I can't really name all of the films the titles are parodying, but my guesses so far are Prometheus, Children of the Corn, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I'm also guessing The Vat of Acid Episode is a play on how Friends titles their episodes (i.e., The One where…)

Though this also doesn't look like much, we can kind of see how the final episodes will play out. The latest trailer had a lightsaber fight between Tammy and Summer, so it's possible that it would be part of the finale, seeing as the title is a Star Wars pun.

Admittedly, the latest episodes of Rick and Morty haven't been the strongest, but hopefully the show gets back on its feet soon. I just think it's best if we just had the whole season play straight rather than to have it cut off in half. You can ask how daunting it feels for Steven Universe fans when they don't have regular release dates for their episodes.

For now, the final episodes of Rick and Morty 4 are set to debut on May 3.

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