Rick and Morty Episode Recreated in Fallout 4

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There’s a new Rick and Morty episode out! Hold it—a new Rick and Morty recreated episode that is, care of YouTuber UpisNotJump. This time, it’s a recreation of the first five minutes of the Look Who’s Purging Now episode from the second season.

Seen below, it recreates the scene where Rick and Morty are flying around in space in need of some wiper fluid. They land on a planet that’s just on the verge of Purge Night. Yes, the same idea from The Purge movie, where the planet’s inhabitants are free to kill anyone in sight during the night.

The first part ends just before Rick and Morty leave their spaceship to save a farm girl from masked villagers-slash-killers. Oddly enough, the current theme of the episode fits very well with the dreary appeal of Fallout 4.




This isn’t the first time that UpisNotJump recreated a Rick and Morty episode in Fallout 4. Previously, he had also recreated the best scenes from the cartoon, using some of the mods he made.

The compilation of the best scenes can also be seen in this video below. In fact, Rick and Morty isn’t even his first project. There’s already a recreation of the trailer for Captain America: Civil War and The Walking Dead season 1 trailer. Pretty cool projects, if I may say so myself.





There are a few nice enhancements from the original, but it’s a nice touch. Hopefully, we get the second part soon—it’s a nice way to while the wait for the third season.

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