Rick & Morty Co-Creator Shows Off First VR Game With Squanchtendo

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Justin Roiland's first-ever VR game is moving along quite nicely, but it's very limited as far as what we can know.

The Rick & Morty co-creator has allowed a glimpse into his new VR world via (Ars Technica), and it's very clear on one thing: it's about accounting. In fact, it's titled Accounting.

As odd as that may sound, it may not necessarily be accounting—and yet it is. Roiland hasn't spoiled much about the game so far but he does have a point why he's being tight-lipped. Revealing more would ruin the whole experience. It seems that players who are allergic to math and numbers—myself included—need not worry that its' all going to be spreadsheets upon spreadsheets of gameplay.

Accounting will be available for free via Vive, and according to Roiland, this is an advantage for the team. They get to work with the game and avoid showing as much as possible of the game.

"It's so much better if it's, you know, ‘It's Accounting in VR? It's free, whatever, I'll try it. The people behind it, I like what they've done. Then they get that weird Alice in Wonderland, down-the-rabbit-hole insanity."

That last bit may be referring to the hidden surprise worth not spoiling about Accounting. Considering where Roiland is coming from, which is Rick & Morty's infamy as a messed up piece of masterpiece, I'm sure there's a lot more underneath the surface that will take players on a hell of a ride.

Accounting may be coming to the HTC Vive as a free game soon.

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