Rick and Morty Argue About Eating a Baby in Hilarious Death Stranding Ad

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A lot of big things are dropping in November, and two of them are Death Stranding from Kojima Productions and the next season of Rick and Morty. What's fun is that the two have seemingly synergized brands, and we have a new ad that features Rick and Morty promoting the release of Death Stranding.

Check it out:


While the two seem to be very different when it comes to brands, this kind of crossover actually makes sense if you look at the history of both franchises. Kojima was even crazy enough to put Conan O'Brien in his game, so having Rick and Morty argue about eating a baby is just another fun way to sell the title. Rick and Morty fans will also be aware of the franchise's love for games and sci-fi, so a tie-in with Death Stranding makes a lot of sense.

Not to mention, both properties are set to make big releases on the same weekend, with Death Stranding coming out this Friday, and Rick and Morty 4 premiering this Sunday. Now that's what I call brand synergy.

For now, everyone is excited about the release of both properties. Death Stranding has been hyped up since 2016, and after what seemed like countless delays, fans will finally be able to get their hands on this mystery, action game. As for Rick and Morty, the show had been on hiatus since 2017 so it's nice to finally have it come back.


Catch Death Stranding when it comes out Nov. 8, and Rick and Morty 4 when it airs Nov. 10.

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