Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is Coming to PC Next Year

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Death Stranding is only a few weeks away from release and we all can't wait to put this game on our PS4s just so we can see what it's about. As the days pass by, Kojima Productions have confirmed a number of reports by announcing that the highly-anticipated video game is coming to PC next year. While a simultaneous release would have been nice, we think fans will just be happy to know that this game is coming to another non-PlayStation platform.

Kojima Productions confirmed that the Death Stranding PC port would be coming out sometime in Summer 2020. No specific release date has been announced but fans should expect a number of visual improvements from the already impressive-looking PS4 game. We doubt that this game will be coming to the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch since the former is lacking in popularity and the latter isn't powerful enough.


Then again, Metal Gear Solid V came out on Xbox One. Kingdom Hearts 3 was also ported to the console for some reason, even though the HD remasters of previous games weren't.

It's pretty hard to describe what kind of game Death Stranding is going to be. Gameplay videos have shown an open-world to explore, stealth sections when weird enemies pop up, and even third-person shooter elements during World War II. Somehow. It's a weird game but that's what we should expect from Hideo Kojima.

Death Stranding is coming to PS4 on November 8. The Death Stranding PC port will come out in Summer 2020.


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