Rick and Morty Announce Season 4 Will Come Out Later This Year!

Rick and Morty 3 came out back in 2017, and fans have eagerly been waiting for the return of Rick Sanchez and his sidekick Morty Smith. The good news is, we finally have an official announcement that the show is coming back this November.

We don't have any details of what to expect with the new season, but we should probably expect more existential angst from the duo, topped off with some fun turns in the sci-fi genre. While I thought the last episode of Season 3 was a tad lackluster, it did somehow end by bringing the Smith family back together with Rick feeling defeated by Jerry.

As usual Rick and Morty seasons go, we should expect the same weird shenanigans from the likes of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, complete with emotional nuggets that come out of nowhere. Sure we had some wacky adventures in the past, but a lot of people still remember Rick sacrificing himself for his family, or Morty getting emotional over Rick somehow confessing his insecurity during the Vindicators episode.

I know it's not emotional, but I keep coming back to the episode where Morty is forced to sit through a terrible screenplay:

Hopefully, we get a full trailer soon. My guess is we could get it by next month, but a first look at SDCC 2019 in July could be plausible.

Catch Rick and Morty 4 when it returns to Adult Swim this coming November.

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