Remarriage And Desires Episode 4: Fate Brings Kim Hee Sun To Lee Hyun Wook

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Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Romances build up as Netflix's Remarriage and Desires starring Kim Hee Sun, Jung Eugene, Lee Hyun Wook, Park Hoon, and more deliver interesting makjang thrills that keep viewers hooked on every episode.

Remarriage and Desires Episode 4 Recap: Seo Hye Seung’s Plan Was Halted

In the fourth episode, the much-awaited masquerade ball exclusively for Rex’s top-tier members showcases unexpected revelation between the main characters.

Just when Seo Hye Seung thought that she was about to expose Jin Yoo Hee’s identity and past, a commotion happened, prompting the event to be wrapped up early.

As the single mother was about to leave the area, she bumped into Rex’s CEO, Choi Yoo Sun and invites her for a meeting at her office.

On the other hand, Jin Yoo Hee was stunned to see that Zeus was the person he thought he would be and caused her big disappointment.

In addition, she was also furious to know that Seo Hye Seung was at the party, but her intel at Rex mentioned that she was personally invited by the CEO.

At this point, it seems like she is planning something to get Choi Yoo Sun’s good side.

Lee Hyung Ju’s Failed Marriage

In Remarriage and Desires’ fourth episode, also featured Lee Hyung Ju’s chaotic marriage.

After learning about her wife’s cheating activities, he wanted to file for a divorce, but she insisted on giving her another chance. As for Lee Hyung Ju, it was too late since she had already broken his trust.

The wife pointed out that it was his fault she cheated because he is always gone and working.

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Seo Hye Seung Tells Rex’s CEO About Jin Yoo Hee’s Identity

During her private conversation with Choi Yoo Sun, Seo Hye Seung revealed the true reason why she joined Rex.

The single mother mentioned how her family was ruined because of Jin Yoo Hee and warned her about her tactics.

However, the CEO said that they couldn't forbid her from joining the matchmaking agency. Choi Yoo Sun once again gave Seo Hye Sung a piece of advice and told her that she needed to be stronger.

“Strong enough to the entire world under your foot,” the CEO said.

As soon as she was about to leave the CEO’s office, Jin Yoo Hee was her next visitor.

The 30-year-old lawyer wants to be paired with a black member, which happens to be Lee Hyung Jun.

Interestingly, she also proposed to get a share if she will ever be married to the businessman.

First Date

After the members chose their potential partners, Rex’s CEO recommended Jin Yoo Hee to Lee Hyung Ju and agreed to meet her on a date.

During their first date, the lawyer tries to swoon with her smooth talk and charm.

On the other hand, Seo Hye Seung seems to be reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend Cha Seok Jin and tells him how Jin Yoo Hee wrecked her family.

She also warned Professor Cha not to be entangled with Yoo Hee if he doesn't want to end up miserable.

Interestingly, in the last scene of Netflix's Remarriage and Desires, fate seems to bring Seo Hye Seung and Lee Hyung Ju closer after she becomes his son’s private tutor.


However, he wasn't able to recognize Seo Hye Seung without a mask.

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