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Remarriage And Desires Episode 3: Kim Hee Sun is About to Expose Jung Eugene’s Past

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The fourth episode of Netflix’s Remarriage and Desires showcase a never-ending tense interaction between Kim Hee Sun and Jung Eugene’s character.

As the story progresses, the protagonist Seo Hye Seung seems to be more driven to get her vengeance against the woman who ruined her family.

Interestingly, Kim Hee Sun’s new drama is still on Netflix’s global top 10 TV shows but slid to the ninth spot after four days after its premiere.

Remarriage and Desires is currently the number one TV show in Japan as cited by Flix Patrol.

Remarriage and Desires Episode 3 Recap: Jin Yoo Hee Sets Up Seo Hye Seung

Jin Yoo Hee wants to be ahead of Seo Hye Seung, and there’s no other way to do this but use her connections.

She sets up a new project in the university where Hye Seung works as a professor and wants her to lead it, making sure that she gets caught up with the plan and activities that would make her life more difficult.

On the other hand, although she knew that Jin Yoo Hee was behind this, Seo Hye Seung had no other option but to do this and go with the flow.

Of course, being the revenge-driven that she is, Hye Seung surely has a plan to counterattack Yoo Hee.

Seo Hye Seung’s Daughter Shocked by Jin Yoo Hee’s Revelation

Remarriage and Desires also featured how Seo Hye Seung’s daughter, Jung Mi Jin, knew about her mom's connection with Jin Yoo Hee.

After the senior professor discussed the plans with Seo Hye Seung with her daughter beside them, she heard a familiar name.

Jung Mi Jin stormed off the hallway out of anger and expressed how upset she is that her mom is working with Jin Yoo Hee despite being the reason for her dad’s death.

However, Jung Mi Jin was eager to protect her mother and called Yoo Hee by sneaking into her mom’s room to get the mistress’ number.

The high school student calls Jin Yoo Hee and demands to meet her outside her office.

As they reached the lake, Jung Mi Jin warned her not to mess with her mom and never insult her father.

However, Jin Yoo Hee tells the teenager about the lies she created regarding how disgusting her father is, leaving Mi Jin stunned with her revelation.

She left Mi Jin near the coast and called Seo Hye Seung not to use her daughter against her. Of course, Hye Seung was furious and, at the same time, concerned about her daughter’s whereabouts.

Thankfully, she managed to locate Mi Jin safely at the police station and advised her not to meet the woman again.

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Jin Yoo Hee and Seo Hye Seung Attend Rex's Masquerade

With the desire to get her vengeance, Seo Hye Seung will do whatever it takes to bring Jin Yoo Hee down.

While Jin Yoo Hee uses her connection at Rex to find the black level members, which are said to be the wealthiest and most influential clients at the matchmaking company, Seo Hye Seung was also invited by Rex CEO Choi Yoo Sun.

Although it is unclear why Yoo Sun was helping out the single mother, it seems like she understands where Hye Seung is coming from.

Interestingly, d-day has come to the clients of Rex who want to find their potential partners.

To spice things up, Choi Yoo Sun ordered her director to switch Zeus, the top-tier client of Rex and Hermes.

Instead of giving the title of Zeus to Lee Hyung Ju, the man behind the multi-million game app, it was given to Cha Seok Jin, the professor who Hye Seung knew from her past and Choi Yoo Sun’s stepson.

At the special event, the members hide behind their masks as they find their potential partners.

Of course, having the title of Zeus, women swarmed over Cha Seok Jin, including Jin Yoo Hee, who saw him as her target.

He tried to seduce him with her charm; however, it felt like his attention was on Seo Hye Seung.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyung Ju tried to build a connection with Jin Yoo Hee, but he was brushed to the side. This is because she doesn't know his real identity and his status.

In Remarriage and Desires episode 3, Rex members were gathered to unveil their real identity and chose who among the guests caught their attention.

After Jin Yoo Hee revealed herself, Seo Hye Seung is about to drop bombshell news.

The professor hints that she has a special mission for attending the masquerade. The scene featured how Jin Yoo Hee looked tense as Hye Seung was about to reveal the reason behind her appearance.

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