18 Jun 2021 3:18 PM +00:00 UTC

Record of Ragnarok Faces Backlash From Fans Over Sloppy Animation

Credit: Graphinica

After months of anticipation, Warner Bros. Japan's animated adaptation of the hit manga series Record of Ragnarok finally hit Netflix but unfortunately wasn't able to live up to the hype. The new anime which premiered last June 17 is causing quite the buzz on social media and it's definitely not the good kind of publicity as fans are expressing their disappointment over the series' sloppy animation which looks pretty outdated by today's standards, at least.

A clip from the anime is making the rounds all over social media which puts emphasis on just how bad and underwhelming the animation turned out to be. The said clip features one of the anime's biggest battles and instead of it being visually thrilling, the controversial sequence ended up looking like a slideshow presentation with still images.

Warner Bros. Japan and Graphinica, Record of Ragnarok's animation studio have yet to address the matter. Naturally, a lot of manga and anime fans felt robbed over the way the project was handled. The issue also seemed to shut down hopes for a second season for Record of Ragnarok as fans have clearly given up on the show. Check out the reactions here:


We still don't know what the future holds for Record of Ragnarok's anime adaptation but it's not a good sign that fans have already withdrawn their interest in it before the series even took off. Obviously, this should serve as a huge lesson to all animation studios out there and despite the controversy, I'm hoping that the series will still be renewed for a second season just so the folks over at Graphinica can redeem themselves. There's always room for improvement and I sure hope WB Japan reconsiders.

Record of Ragnarok is streaming on Netflix.

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