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Rebuild of Evangelion and Graniph Unveil Streetwear Fashion Collab

Rebuild of Evangelion Graniph Maki

Even though there’s no new Evangelion anime in the works, the series continues to get merch collabs for fans to enjoy. The latest is a Rebuild of Evangelion fashion line by the Japanese clothing brand Graniph.

This new collab is the latest anime collection from Graniph, and it promises to delight Evangelion fans as it features plenty of pieces to choose from. Along with tees, there are also accessories in the lineup.

It has been some time now since the last Rebuild movie was released in theaters. Based on the series’ popularity though, it’s no surprise that it continues to get new collaborations.

Evangelion Fans Are Being Treated to Another Cool Collab

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When you think about 90s anime, chances are that Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the first shows that will pop up in your mind. After all, it is a hugely influential one thanks to its deep themes and memorable characters.

The original anime may not have gotten a follow-up, but it did get several anime projects. First is The End of Evangelion, which was an expanded take on the anime’s finale. Then, there’s the Rebuild of Evangelion remake series.

Whether it’s the original or Rebuild, Evangelion has gotten numerous collabs throughout the years. This latest one with Graniph stands out with its wide array of designs.

As Graniph is well-known for making graphic tees and tops, the collection features lots of pieces. Some of the designs are inspired by the iconic EVA mechs while others are based on the Angels.

On top of the graphic tees and outerwear, the collection also features various accessories such as a tote bag and a stainless-steel bottle.

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Rebuild of Evangelion x Graniph Fashion Collab: Where to Buy

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Perhaps the funniest piece in the collab is the baseball cap with the Evangelion logo on it as well as Gendo Ikari in his iconic pose. This will no doubt get a reaction from EVA fans.

Whether it’s this cap or any other piece in the collab, the Rebuild of Evangelion x Graniph line is available for pre-order now on the brand’s website.

Pre-orders are open now until December 18. The pieces will then be released in Graniph shops and partner retailers in Japan on December 19.

Currently, there’s no word on international release plans for this collab. If you want one, you may need to ask a friend in Japan to grab what you want.

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