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Reborn Rich Episode 7 Recap: Song Joong Ki Reveals The Truth About Miracle Investment

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Song Joong Ki continues to demonstrate why he is worthy of all the accolades that have been heaped upon him as he returns with yet another intriguing Kdrama, Reborn Rich.

The series airs on JTBC and is based on the webtoon The Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son. Reborn Rich depicts the story of Yoon Hyeon Woo, who has been with the Soonyang Group for almost a decade. He worked hard for the company his whole life, but he was wrongly accused of embezzlement. This forced him to make plans to take over the company and get back at the family he had worked for.

The new JTBC Kdrama stars Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Been. Reborn Rich Episode 7 aired on December 3, 2022, and recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 14.880%, which becomes the series' new personal best. Here is a Reborn Rich Episode 7 recap and everything you missed on the new Song Joong Ki-starred Kdrama.

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Reborn Rich Episode 7 Recap

Reborn Rich Episode 7 sees Song Joong Ki declaring war on his grandfather as he expresses his desire to buy Soonyang Group with his own money.

Chairman Jin was engulfed in a sense of betrayal and became furious at his youngest grandchild. But Dojoon even offered him a bold deal, asking to release Oh Se-Hyun and clear him of all charges. His grandfather reminds him of the bribery he committed against Mayor Choi Chang-Je in connection with the New Seoul Town project.

To counterattack this warning, Dojoon threatens to reveal the corruption inside the family, leaving Chairman Jin with no choice but to take a step back.

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Song Joong Ki Reveals His Identity As The Owner Of Miracle Investment In Reborn Rich Episode 7

Chairman Jin wants to adhere to his principle of succession to the eldest son, as he refuses to watch his children fight each other after death. Besides, if he gives the chairmanship to a younger sibling, the older siblings will absolutely become enraged.

After Dojoon revealed his secret that he was actually the major shareholder of Miracle Investment, Chairman Jin started to give him warnings by forcing the broadcast channels to withdraw from the New Seoul Town project. Trapped in a difficult situation, Dojoon had to think of alternatives so the project would proceed successfully. Mayor Choi Chang-Je also presses him to hand over the project's business rights to Soonyang Construction.

Mo Hyun-Min already knows the truth about Dojoon and Miracle Investment. She invites him to a serious business conversation and offers him a partnership. But Dojoon refuses to be Mo Hyun-Min’s puppet.

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Song Joong Ki Receives Support From His Parents In Reborn Rich Episode 7

Chairman Jin tried to scare his youngest child, Yoon-Ki. He gives him an affiliate company in hopes that his family will stop being greedy.

But Yoon-Ki was unaware of Dojoon’s plans. He talked to him and offered him a helping hand after realizing that his son was more important than Soonyang Group. Besides, they were already taken out of the succession line.

Meanwhile, Chairman Jin discovers that his health is not in good condition. The presence of a time bomb in his head shocked him greatly, even became more stressed about who would succeed in his company.

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