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Reborn Rich Episode 4 Recap: Song Joong Ki Brings Tension To Soonyang Group + Acquires More Money From His Investments

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Song Joong Ki once again proves he is trustworthy of all praises as he returns with another interesting Kdrama, Reborn Rich.

The series airs on JTBC and is based on the webtoon The Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son. Reborn Rich depicts the story of Yoon Hyeon Woo, who has been with the Soonyang Group for almost a decade. He worked hard for the company his whole life, but he was wrongly accused of embezzlement. This forced him to make plans to take over the company and get back at the family he had worked for.

The new JTBC Kdrama stars Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Been. Reborn Rich Episode 4 aired on November 25, 2022 and recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 11.8%, which becomes the series' new personal best. Here is a Reborn Rich Episode 4 recap and everything you missed on the new Song Joong Ki-starred Kdrama.

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Reborn Rich Episode 4 Recap

Reborn Rich Episode 4 continues the battle over who will obtain Hando Steel, with Song Joong Ki investing in Power Shares in order to win Hando Steel. The episode opens with the introduction of Soonyang Motors, which demonstrates why Chairman Jin places such a high priority on the company.

Soonyang Motors is the "engine" of Soonyang Group, as Dojoon was quoted as saying, according to what he said when he was trying to convince Chairman Jin to return to the launching event. This demonstrates the significance of Jin Young Ki's acquisition of Hando Steel from Se Hyun, which put pressure on Jin Young Ki, the eldest son.

On the other hand, Jin Hwa Young, the only daughter, shows how desperate she is when she tries to get her father to let her husband, Choi Chang Je, work on his political goals. Unfortunately, given Chairman Jin's extensive knowledge of politics, he declined Hwa Young's offer straight away. Because of this, she became determined to demonstrate that, contrary to what her brothers may think, she is the main course.

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Next up is Jin Dong Ki, who is known for his unique sense of style. He instructed his driver to keep an eye on Dojoon’s movements and took photographs of him alongside Se Hyun at the same place. Additionally, he planted a bug onto a floral bouquet that Rachel had brought to the hotel room where Dojoon and Sehyun were staying in.

When Daeyoung Group entered the fray to acquire Hando Steel, it was commanded by Chairman Joo Young Il, who is Chairman Jin's most formidable adversary. As a result, the intensity of the bidding war increased. This prompted the question of where they got the money to support them, which stirred up some controversy. This was probably done by Hwa Young in an effort to prove to everyone that she is capable, but it was not successful.

Song Joong Ki Shows Off An Unexpected Twist In Reborn Rich Episode 4

After being shown the photograph that Dong Ki's subordinate had taken, Chairman Jin began to have suspicions about Dojoon. He had also listened to the tape that Dong Ki had made using the bug he had planted.

Fortunately, Dojoon was pretty familiar with Dong Ki's movements, and he exploited this knowledge to his advantage. According to Dojoon, "the universe sent him help" because Min Young was working there part-time and tipped off Dojoon about the flower bouquet bug, which resulted in them having a dispute that prevented him from being discovered by Chairman Jin.

Se Hyun suggested to Chairman Jin that Do Jun make an investment in a website that sells books, which Chairman Jin thought was an insane choice. However, the website was eventually successful and is today known as Amazon.

Dong Ki's avarice, which was exacerbated by Dojoon’s plot, led him to assist the Daeyoung Group in participating in the bidding. This not only intensified Young Ki's anxiety but also motivated him to obtain Hando Steel by whatever means necessary, which included soliciting assistance from her sister, Hwa Young. This results in a greater debt for Soonyang, which is all part of Dojoon’s master plan.

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Song Joong Ki Gains More Funds In Reborn Rich Episode 4

Meanwhile, Dojoon managed to gain a large amount of money with a huge return on the Internet bookstore he originally invested in with the help of Power Shares.

Finally, in 1997, with the news of the national bankruptcy, Jin Yang-Chul's side said, "It's just the beginning." "Your crisis, my opportunity," said Dojoon, who was determined to bring down Soonyang Group.

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