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Reborn Rich Episode 15 Recap: Will Song Joong Ki Find Out His Real Killer? Soonyang Group Finds Its Rightful Owner

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The JTBC Kdrama Reborn Rich, starring Song Joong Ki, has been dominating its timeslot, even in its last two episodes.

Based on the webtoon The Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son, Reborn Rich depicts the story of Yoon Hyeon Woo, who has been with the Soonyang Group for almost a decade. He worked hard for the company his whole life, but he was wrongly accused of embezzlement. This forced him to make plans to take over the company and get back at the family he had worked for.

The JTBC Kdrama stars Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Been. Reborn Rich Episode 15 aired on December 18, 2022, and recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 24.936%, which becomes the drama’s new personal best in ratings. Here is a Reborn Rich Episode 15 recap and everything you missed on the Song Joong Ki-starred Kdrama.

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Reborn Rich Episode 15 Recap

Reborn Rich Episode 15 sees Song Joong Ki becoming the largest shareholder of the Soonyang Corporation, which had him successfully purchasing the Soonyang Card and Daeyoung Card. The two companies were about to go bankrupt, Dojoon repaid all the debts of each company.

As a result, he even took a stake in Soonyang Corporation and seemed to have won the war by acquiring the shares from borrowed-name accounts that were collected by Lee Hang-Jae.

However, the celebration was brief, as Dojoon was arrested on charges of delivering illegal presidential funds. The prosecutor in charge of the case was Seo Minyoung, who recently became a member of the Central Investigation Department of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office.

Based on the testimony that Dojoon's secretary, Ha In-Seok, gave, Minyoung did a fair investigation of the case. But she thought there was another culprit who really ordered it. She just has no proof to back her theory.

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Song Joong Ki Performs The Unexpected In Reborn Rich Episode 15

The appearance of Baek Dong-min turned the tables. He is a close assistant to Jin Dong-Ki. He stated that he was the one who ordered Ha In-Seok to deliver the illegal funds and that Jin Dong-Ki was the mastermind behind it.

The prosecution then called Jin Dong-Ki, but he denied all of the charges against him. Jin Young-Ki was also in a difficult place as his wife became the prosecution’s next target.

The news about the illegal succession of the Soonyang Group quickly spread like wildfire, and the whole world found out about it. Meanwhile, everything seems to be falling into place, all according to Dojoon’s plans.

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Song Joong Ki Takes Soonyang Group For Himself In Reborn Rich Episode 15

Minyoung noticed from the beginning that everything was a trap that she set for herself. She criticized Dojoon, pointing out that he can do anything, may it be illegal or against the law, just to take over Soonyang Group.

However, Dojoon promised her that he would never be like his family members. He affirmed that he would not get any worse just because he became the head of the Soonyang Group, but Minyoung still did not give a definite answer.

On the other hand, Jin Young-Ki and his son, Sungjoon, started attacking each other. Jin Young-Ki tried to let his son be in charge of the upcoming prosecution investigation. But Sungjoon took revenge by blaming his father for all the cases pinned against the family.

Dojoon received favorable public opinion by donating all his inherited money and was appointed as the next chairman of Soonyang Group at the general shareholders’ meeting. On top of that, he succeeded in melting Minyoung’s cold heart and now seems to have finally taken root in his second life.

But he could not escape his fate. He got into a traffic accident just when he was on his way to meet Minyoung. In his fading gaze, Dojoon barely faced the criminal’s face and left him wondering that he was the one who had ended his life before.

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