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Reborn Rich Episode 14 Recap: Song Joong Ki Feels The Sincerity Of His Grandfather

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Credit: Viu Philippines/YouTube Screenshot

The JTBC Kdrama Reborn Rich, starring Song Joong Ki, has been dominating its timeslot ever since its premiere. The series is now down to its last two episodes.

Based on the webtoon The Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son, Reborn Rich depicts the story of Yoon Hyeon Woo, who has been with the Soonyang Group for almost a decade. He worked hard for the company his whole life, but he was wrongly accused of embezzlement. This forced him to make plans to take over the company and get back at the family he had worked for.

The JTBC Kdrama stars Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Been. Reborn Rich Episode 14 aired on December 18, 2022, and recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 24.936%, which becomes the drama’s new personal best in ratings. Here is a Reborn Rich Episode 14 recap and everything you missed on the Song Joong Ki-starred Kdrama.

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Reborn Rich Episode 14 Recap

Reborn Rich Episode 14 sees Song Joong Ki having a difficult time after the unfortunate of his grandfather. On the day of the shareholders’ meeting to appoint the new CEO of Soonyang Financial Group, everything was going according to Dojoon and his grandfather’s plans. However, a questionable text message was sent to the shareholders regarding the real reason of Chairman Jin’s death.

The text message stated that Dojoon was the last person to see his grandfather and was accused of being angry at him as he was dissatisfied with the will.

In reality, Dojoon wanted to ask his grandfather about the will and felt that he was betrayed, but he hesitated and only bragged about the recent achievement of Apollo. Dojoon also told Chairman Jin that he won the bet, and that became his last breath.

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Song Joong Ki Protects His Grandfather’s Honor In Reborn Rich Episode 14

During the shareholders’ meeting, Lee Hang-Jae stood next to Dojoon once again. Mr. Lee betrayed Dojoon and joined hands with Sungjoon at the last minute. However, Mr. Lee was belittled by the eldest grandchild of the Soonyang Group so he went back to his loyalty to Chairman Jin.

Dojoon received a video recorded by Chairman Jin while revising his will from Mr. Lee and the legacy of the Soonyang Micro Project was left to him. Dojoon, who was watching Chairman Jin in the video, eventually burst into tears.

As Chairman Jin had symptoms of delirium, his remembering who Dojoon is made the latter emotional. Dojoon cried all alone in his office, feeling his grandfather’s cold yet sincere affection.

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Song Joong Ki Recalls His Past Life In Reborn Rich Episode 14

The bitter pain of Dojoon as Yoon Hyun-Woo, which was his former life, was recalled. The desperate life of his father who used private loans for his younger brother’s hospital bills, and who could do nothing but be mad about the situation. He had no means to save himself from poverty.

As he expressed the complex and subtle emotions of Chairman Jin’s sincerity, Dojoon continued with his plan to take over Soonyang Group but in a different way, no one had ever predicted.

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